UK firm to launch 'world's most power-dense' EV motor

2020 Ampere electric motor 2020 Ampere electric motor 2020 Ampere electric motor

UK-based engineering firm Equipmake is developing what it claims is "the world's most power-dense permanent magnet electric motor".

Designed in collaboration with 3D printing specialist Hieta, the so-called Ampere motor will weigh less than 10kg but provide a peak output of 295bhp. For reference, the Jaguar I-Pace's two electric motors weigh around 40kg each and produce 197bhp.

The Ampere's 27bhp per kg output gives it a better power density rating than any conventional electric motor on sale.

The unit's lightness is due mostly to minimal use of metal in its construction, and an innovative 3D-printed casing that is as thin as possible. An added benefit of this construction method is enhanced thermal efficiency, which means the motor can spin faster for longer without overheating.

Despite its impressive performance, the Ampere will command a relatively low list price, given its resource-light construction.

The motor's development has been funded by the Government's Innovate UK programme, which gives financial support to UK-based projects.

Working prototypes are expected to be in operation within the next 12 months.

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