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In cold weather, it is better to reduce the airflow of the car radiator. Previously, for these purposes, the radiator was traditionally covered with cardboard. But you do not want to spoil the appearance of the car. And sometimes it is enough to seal the Windows in the lower part of the bumper --- this intervention will not be so noticeable.

By the way, the lower part of the radiator suffers most from stones flying off the road --- it would be nice to protect it. And we found such protection for the Lada Vesta car in the online store "Behind the wheel": plastic strips that perfectly match the two lower bumper slots. The price of the kit is 950 rubles. The strips are attached with plastic clamps that are included in the set. However, even at zero temperature, it was not possible to fasten the clamps: they broke during installation. So we recommend that you stock up on more reliable fasteners in advance.

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