We haven't looked at cars like this before. And this is strange! After all, a car is not only (or even so much) an engine with suspension, but also a design. The appearance of the car either pleases us for many years, or we, having taken hold of the door handle of a new model in the cabin, do not even want to open it --- this handle looks so unsightly that it does not matter what is inside.

It is believed that the design has a nationality. They talk about the German approach to design, French, American. And there is a special Scandinavian style. Here's a look at the nominee for the Grand Prix " Behind the wheel>> Volvo V60 Cross Country --- why does this car look exactly as it looks, and what did its designers want to tell us? Art Director of "Behind the wheel" Vladislav Krupczynski and the main artist Alexander Mandrusov found the answers.

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