LDV T60 Mega Tub review (Sponsored)

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There's no escaping the rise of the double-cab ute. Part family car, part utility tool, is there anything they can't do? Well, yeah...

See, the back of a dual-cab ute is a little bit limited in size and if your weekend pursuits need a bit more space, you might find that your do-it-all car can't actually do it all.

But the team at LDV has a solution.

This is the LDV T60 Mega Tub, which is your regular four-door, five-seat dual-cab ute up front, but with an extra-large 'mega tub' out the back.

It's not just the load area that has grown either. There's an extra 315 mm between the wheels, which supports the 880 kg manual and 850 kg auto transmission load, and 3000 kg tow-rating.

The longer waist version of the T60 has a maximum loading length of 1,800 mm, which is around about275 mm longer than the regular version. And look, the wheel arches and the tub-liner and the front bulkhead do eat into that space, but still plenty big enough for most weekend pursuits, including two-wheeled ones.

Fitting a couple of dirt bikes in the back for the kids to enjoy over the weekend is a decent task in any ute, but with the Mega Tub, we can load them, the ramps and plenty of gear. And keep it all tight and secure with the tailgate closed.

Plus, there's still plenty of room in the back and goodies up the front to look after the whole family.

The LDV T60 Mega Tub features four-wheel drive with a rear differential lock and is available with an option of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. And there are five paint options to choose from too.

It's backed up by a five-year, 130,000 km warranty, whichever occurs first, and a five-star 2017 ANCAP rating.

For more information on the LDV T60 Mega Tub, check out all the details in our T60 showroom.

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