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Time to change your shoes. 9 reasons to choose better tires

Yes, they will be somewhat more expensive. Isn't the ride worth it? And we don't even mention security.

Is 3% too much or too little? If your salary has grown so much, it is not enough, and if it has decreased, it is a lot!

For tire drivers to improve handling by three percent is a real achievement, as for a Sprinter to improve the record in the hundred meters by 0.1 seconds.

So, engineers claim that the handling of the Continental PremiumContact 6 in comparison with ContiSportContact 5 is better by 3%. How did they do it? Physics! Maximum transmission of transverse forces with improved macroblocks in the tire improves handling and stability in turns. And the asymmetric distribution of the tread edges reduces the deformation of the blocks for better grip when subjected to transverse forces.

Crystalline silicon compounds-do you know what they are used for by tire manufacturers? They are added to the composition of the rubber mixture to improve the braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

Tires that are not afraid of punctures are the dream of every driver. Some sizes of the Continental PremiumContact 6 use the following technologies: SSR and ContiSeal (which, by the way, we wrote about on the website "Behind the wheel"). SSR-self-supporting sidewall that allows you to drive at a puncture of up to 80 km at a speed of 80 km / h ContiSeal --- gel applied to the inner surface of the tire and can tighten up to five punctures with a diameter of up to 5 mm. "Caught" five screws-go further, you do not need to stop immediately and change the wheel (if you are, for example, on a high-speed highway and the stop is unsafe).

We all love long-lasting things, especially if they cost a lot. Changing tires every two or three years is a small pleasure. This is understood by tire companies. To increase the service life (walking capacity), they made the rubber compound in the Continental PremiumContact 6 model more wear-resistant by including functional polymers in its composition. This helped increase walking capacity by 15%.

Choosing tires for a car is sometimes more difficult than choosing sneakers for yourself. I liked the model --- there is no suitable size available. I liked the color -- but the completeness is not the same. And then you will take a different brand. The Continental PremiumContact 6 --- 172 tire size can be matched to almost any modern car, with a landing wheel diameter of 15 to 22 inches, a tire width of 185 to 325 mm, a profile height of 30 to 70% and a speed index of H-Y.

You do understand why the tires are making noise, don't you? Friction on the road. Different voids in the tread pattern. Therefore, the better the tread is optimized to ensure uniform stiffness and void distribution, the quieter the interior will be. Representatives of the brand claim that the new tires are quieter than the previous ones by 1 dB. The noise in the car is reduced by 2%, but the result is much steeper for the noise outside --- by 10%.

In addition, there is also ContiSilent technology: the tires have a foamed sound-absorbing material that significantly reduces the noise from the friction of tires on the road.

A woman has ten pairs of shoes and is usually short for the season. Men have a couple of pairs, and that's enough for years. It's just that men have different priorities: new tires for a car please almost more than new shoes for a loved one. Chosen with a soul, they make the car much better --- both in feeling and appearance. Well, with friends, a new topic for discussion. They will say, of course, you could have taken the others and saved them on beer.

  • PremiumContact sixth generation-revolution. It represents a fundamental change in Continental's approach to tire development. Until now, their tires had been designed for minimal braking distance. Now a new ideology is being professed: tires should have almost all indicators balanced.

I have tested these tires on different cars. For example, I rated the" comfortable " components on public roads while driving an E-class Mercedes. The quiet running of the car on PremiumContact 6 tires was amazing.

Handling tested on a Volkswagen Golf GTI, Renault Megane RS, Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Each of them "sixth premium" provided dynamic acceleration, effective braking on the verge of triggering the ABS and excellent reactions to the actions of the steering wheel. He also didn't allow anyone to slip into long slips.

Continental PremiumContact 6 1-place.

"Premium Contact 6 resists aquaplaning well, brakes quickly and is easy to manage in any summer weather. In addition, they have a better balance of performance characteristics. Gute Fahrt recommendation. In General, "Very good".

Continental PremiumContact 6 1-place.

"In the sixth-generation tires, Continental engineers managed to replicate the sporty temper of the ContiSportContact 5 without compromising the ride comfort of the ContiPremiumContact 5. With the lively handling of PremiumContact 6, no rival could match it. The reactions of these tires to steering turns were so fast that they encouraged test drivers to move even faster."

Continental PremiumContact 6 1-place.

"Continental tires were ahead of their competitors in six test disciplines and deservedly won the test. The advantages of the Continental PremiumContact 6 are shown mainly in the rain: they have the most effective braking (the nearest competitor stopped three meters away), excellent handling and excellent lateral stability. They demonstrated a high class in the test for braking performance on dry asphalt>>

  • Tires PremiumContact 6 struck me, first of all, driving through puddles. It seems that they simply do not exist, usually when entering a puddle there is a second braking and the car begins to get bogged down in the water, but this does not happen here --- the rubber seems to cut it. is a unique app devoted to cars and their owners. Here you can buy or sell a car, read reviews, watch funny dash cam videos and even find life hacks about car care. We also have a feed with news about cars and new model previews.

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