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In our hunt for more reasons to window-shop cars from our home offices, our colleague Dave VanderWerp offered up his current shopping challenge: Replacing his beloved 1991 Acura NSX, which he sold last year.

In the most recent episode of Window Shop with Us, four Car and Driver editors offer up choices from Craigslist, Hemmings, and even a car listing site in Europe. Everyone stuck pretty close to the criteria: no more than $40,000, great driving experience, manual transmission, and impressive on the road. Surprisingly, our choices made VanderWerp's shopping more complicated than he'd expected.

More Used Car Shopping Advice is a unique app devoted to cars and their owners. Here you can buy or sell a car, read reviews, watch funny dash cam videos and even find life hacks about car care. We also have a feed with news about cars and new model previews.

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