Wordless Outtake: Three Quarters of a Mercedes-Benz W124 300D

Thanks to Gav in Tassie.



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In the early '70s a weird modification on the W115 220D was produced in Argentina, named "double cabin", what would be a "crew cab". The car was a typical sedan up to the rear door, and then there was the short bed of a pickup. The overall length was similar to that of the sedan, and usually the pickup bed would be covered with either a cloth or a fiberglass cover. As far as I remember, all of them had steering column gearchange and little less to differentiate them from the Montevideo sedan taxicabs. I guess there was some tax incentive in not building the normal model, as well as assembling them probably with some Argentinian local content. I don't remember if there was fiberglass involved. * Reply

 The reason was that Mercedes Benz wasn't allowed to manufacture cars in Argentina ,only trucks and buses.

 There was body shops that converted these cars turned pick ups on station wagons completing the roof and the tail gate in a door and glass windows on the sides. It really looked very neat .

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Handy looking vehicle and no problems doing that in Tassie, though it has new plates so perhaps reregistered after the conversion, unless theyve changed the rules since I left cars were inspected upon first registrarion then never again, with the diesel engine that thing should haul a decent load, I like it.

Hope that has self leveling suspension, removing the bootlid from a P76 showed up shortcomings in that department its job was firewood for the kitchen stove and more would go in than it could move with.

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