We make a self-driving car with our own hands (instructions)

Craftsmen, which sent the invention in the editor of the program "Main road" on NTV, they came up with a lot of things. Here, for example, as the most make a winch and use it to pull out the stuck car. We will need:

  1. Old wheel from the trailer --- 1 PC., 750 RUB.
  2. Rope - 10 m, 300 RUB.
  3. The handle from a paint roller --- 2 PCs., 100 rubles.
  4. Piece of rebar --- 20 rubles.

Test of the most popular hand winches

We take the wheel, remove the disk, and disassemble it into two parts. The back side of the disk is applied to the wheel of your car. Mark the center of the six holes for future mounts.

From one metal handle of the paint roller (the plastic part needs to be knocked down with a hammer), we make six mounts of the same size in the form of the letter Z. To do this, first cut the roller into three parts, and then bend each part using tools. Here you will need a Bulgarian, a vise, a hammer and a rough man's strength, of course.

Ready-made curved segments are welded to the old disk. Next, attach the front side of the disk to the back side. Drill a hole in the rim for the rope. We try on the wheel and make sure that everything is perfectly set.

|------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------| | | |

Now prepare the anchor. One end of the rebar should be sharpened with a grinder, so that it is convenient to stick it into the ground later. To the opposite end of the armature, you need to weld the remaining handle from the roller. It doesn't need to be bent --- it's already the right shape. Important: the handle should not be welded from the top, but from the side, perpendicular to the armature itself. In General, it will take you about four hours to work.

That's it --- the homemade winch is ready. Don't forget to put a strong rope in the trunk.

How does a homemade winch work?

Put the modified disk on the wheel, thread the rope through the hole and wind it a little on the wheel, as on a spool. Then stretch the rope to the point where the ground looks solid. Drive an anchor there and tie the other end of the rope with a sea knot. You can put an old jacket on the cable so that it doesn't fall off.

Let's go! When moving, the rope will wind around the wheel, pulling you out of the trap. Homemade winch works! The main thing is to make sure that the rope does not get tangled in the wheel. Otherwise, the device is simple, like all genius. Now the spring weather does not bother us!

Photo: NTV

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