Peter Lesser's blog: UAZ hunter or Range Rover Sport?

Let's skip the details of how these two cars from different eras came to be side by side, but the example turned out to be convincing. Here, look, they are standing on a dirt road in front of a thawing forest with a task to drive 4 km on a muddy track. And whose will it take? It is necessary to travel on the highway on the other side of the forest. Who will win?

5 reasons to put on UAZ hunter

  1. Cars with a spar frame and a pair of bridges that can still be purchased can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And at a price no more expensive than an apartment in the Moscow region and there was only one UAZ hunter.

  2. My hunter is great tuned and driven, on army bridges and with toothy Simex tires. Hunter has nothing to suffer from --- it has power metal bumpers, and the front is also a winch with remote control from the cabin and a remote control.

  3. UAZ traditionally has a permanent rear drive and a rigid connection of the front. Additionally, you can enable the downgrade. There is no electronics here, which means you can only hear the crunch of iron, and not the pathetic beep of an overheating signal. Hunter doesn't have inter-wheel locks, but neither does his opponent. The distribution is modified. Now its gear ratio is 2.8, instead of the standard 1.94. Automatic clutch control is no longer required --- the speed of movement on the first lowered is comparable to the speed of winding the winch cable.

  4. Thank you that there is a power steering and optional sports seats. This tandem perfectly helps the driver when the SUV throws from rut to rut.

  5. Suspension when passing roughness shows itself energy-intensive and comfortable, even for a very temperamental ride. Hunter is happy to dive into the deepest puddles without straining the rider. It charges with fun and permissiveness. UAZ hunter

5 reasons to put on a Range Rover Sport

  1. Range Rover Sport a true transfer case, not the connection of the front axle through the clutch. Chain drive, standard reduction as much as 2.93. Moreover, there is no question of any modifications --- the gearbox is a planetary, completely unique design, and you can not dream of a greater reduction. Thanks to the ZF eight-speed automatic, its range is very large. So even on the downhill lane, you can move at speeds up to 100 km/h. Moreover, you can switch to an increased row on the move, the main thing is to switch the selector to neutral. Our car only has a Central lock, although you can set the rear lock for an additional fee. Electronically controlled, of course.

  2. having Lifted the Range Rover to the top position by 278 mm, you can bypass the electronics and raise the SUV even higher --- up to 330 mm.

  3. the RRS Body is a complex load-bearing structure made of steel and various aluminum alloys. Simultaneously with the reduction in mass, the British managed to increase its rigidity significantly. The torsion force of the RRS is 23,000 Nm / degree. Compared to the UAZ, it is an airplane. Range Rover Sport

  4. Atmospheric engine UAZ produces 129 HP, but with a small budget, its power can be raised to 150 "horses". The British are on a different level --- they removed 400 HP and 550 Nm from the new inline six. There is also a soft hybrid with a starter-generator, which adds 145 Nm of torque to the engine at a sharp acceleration and simultaneously saves fuel. High power has not hindered anyone yet, and in the fight against off-road traffic in the dark forest, efficiency is also important.

  5. And an important factor in the distance from roads --- reliability. There were no questions about the Range Rover recently, but there were questions about the UAZ.

So, can modern electronics replace the frame and beams of bridges? Watch our experiment with the answer to this question in the video below. I put on the RRS, or rather drove it. is a unique app devoted to cars and their owners. Here you can buy or sell a car, read reviews, watch funny dash cam videos and even find life hacks about car care. We also have a feed with news about cars and new model previews.

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