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Ight so boom peep this.... . . It's not what it looks like, yes I'm sitting in the McDonald's drive-thru, but wanna know a short funny story? So most of you know I'm slowly transitioning to a more vegan lifestyle. Tomorrow will mark my 1 week without eating meat, cheese and dairy. For those who know me this has to be the most difficult thingk I've ever tried to do (besides not fighting the lady skipping me in line at shop rite). Want to know one of the craziest challenges during this journey? My surroundings... So my family ain't about that vegan life. Hence the reason I'm in this line grabbing nuggets for my them. Did I have to get these nuggets? No, I could've sent someone else to get them but I did it for a reason. I had to put myself to the test. To smell and be around something I use to demolish. Was it difficult? Absolutely, did I pass the test.,, sure did. Why am I telling you this? Always remember this, whatever you are trying to accomplish, you will have challenges. You will have others who will have their "own" opinions. Do what's best for you (excuse my language) but F%#k the noise. Live your life for you, some people are only here to thru-drive your life to make comments. Keep moving forward fam! #oneWeekNoMeat #vegangains is a unique app devoted to cars and their owners. Here you can buy or sell a car, read reviews, watch funny dash cam videos and even find life hacks about car care. We also have a feed with news about cars and new model previews.

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